10 Best Vue.js UI Frameworks for Mobile Hybrid Apps

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1- Quasar Framework

Empowering your websites and apps

Build responsive websites, PWAs, hybrid mobile Apps (that look native!) and Electron apps, all simultaneously using same codebase, powered with Vue.

 Demo: [ Material theme ] [ iOS theme ]


Head on to the Quasar Framework official website:

Stay in Touch

For latest releases and announcements, follow on Twitter: @quasarframework

Community Forum

Head on to the official community forum:

Quasar Repositories

Quasar Play App

Instead of using mobile emulators for testing your Quasar Apps, use this App instead. You can develop apps directly on your phone/tablet (hot reload supported!), without even installing your app.

Currently only on Google Play. Requiring funding to pay fees on Apple Store and release the iOS counterpart too.

Check its repo here: Quasar Play.

2- Onsen UI for Vue 2

Brings the Power and Simplicity of Vue.js to Hybrid and Progressive Web Apps
Onsen UI for Vue 2

Beautifully designed Vue Components that feels native

Onsen UI framework provides a wide variety of ready-to-use Vue Components that emulate iOS and Android UI guidelines and designs.

Simply pick out the elements you want in your app (like navigators, tabbar, lists, buttons… you name it) and they automatically show the iOS or Android look and feel according to the device they are running in.

★ READ ALSO ★  Using SASS/SCSS with Vue.js 2

Building native-looking and high-performance apps could never be easier.

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