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A blog system built with vue and koa


Monkov is a blog system built with vue.js and koa.js You can easily build up your own blog with it.


  • nodejs 6.0 or higher
  • mongodb installed


  • RESTful api
  • Front end router
  • Front and back separated
  • ES6/7 syntax
  • Built-in markdown editor
  • Add tags and category to your articles



The blog pages on your website.

You can customize the widgets, the themes, the navigation menu and the personal information.

More features are coming.

Tech Stack

  • vuejs 2.0 + && vue-router
  • fetch
  • stylus
  • marked


# install dependencies
$ yarn install

# run dev
$ npm run dev-client

# build
$ npm run build-client


The server of this blog system, built with koa 2.0 and mongoose.

The login module use jwt

Tech Stack


# run development
$ npm run dev-server

# run production
$ npm run pro-server


The background management system. You can write your articles (all called draft when not published) here with the built-in markdown editor. You can publish and deleting posts, modifying your tags and categories and all the changes will automatically synchronize to your blog pages.

Initial username:admin Initial password:admin

Tech Stack
  • vuejs 2.0 + && vue-router && vuex
  • fetch
  • stylus
  • marked && SimpleMDE
# run dev
$ npm run dev-admin

# build
$ npm run build-admin

Todo List

  • [ ] CSS refactor
  • [ ] Comment system
  • [ ] Category management
  • [ ] Customizable themes
  • [ ] User management system
  • [ ] Plugin system
  • [ ] Customizable header, footer and widgets
★ READ ALSO ★  A set of vue mixins to turn any list into an animated sortable list


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