Advance FCM Manager / Advance Firebase Panel

Advance FCM Manager / Advance Firebase Panel

  • Web server requirements

    PHP +7.0 (enable curl extension)

    MySql 5.x

    Composer package

  • Feturse

    + Firebase notification implementation

    + 11 Types of notification :O

    + Multi App

    + Delivered Report

    + Clicked Report

    + Archives

    + Mobile statistics

    + Rich analytical dashboard

    + Individual and mass notification

    + Easy installation wizard

    + Android App Sample Code

    + Much more

  • Notification Types :

    + Close App

    + Open App

    + Join Telegram

    + Open Any URL

    + Open App On Market

    + Open DialPad Intent With Data

    + Open SMS Intent With Data

    + Open Email Intent With Data

    + Open Dialog Box (Direct)

    + Open Any URL (Direct)

    + Custom Json Data

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