Affiliate Manager – Affiliate Management System

Affiliate Manager - Affiliate Management System

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Affiliate Manager – Affiliate Management System + Woocommerce supprt

In today’s business and ecommerce world, you need a powerful tool to increase your e-commerce value. Affiliate Nation is a professional
PHP affiliate software which has features to build a professional network of webmasters selling your products, goodd, membership subscription,
or services.

What makes this different

  • This affiliate system is platform independent. It can work on any environment.PHP, Ruby on Rails, Nodejs, Python, .NET. You don’t need to include any script. Just call your affiliate installation api
  • This system can enable you run multiple websites affiliate system. You can use it to manage affiliates for multiple websites. www.example.com, www.example2.com, www.example3.com and so on


Affiliate Area

  • View available products
  • Get image, text and plain linking codes
  • Activity Report
  • Sales report
  • Payout report

Administration Area

  • Create multiple clients affiiate programs and products
  • Manage unlimited affiliate accounts
  • Manage payouts for affiliates
  • Manage configurations
  • Manage currency

Marketing tools

  • Image banners
  • Textual links
  • Plain links


  • per-cent per each sale commission
  • Easy to install and manage
  • All Settings configured via admin
  • MVC software architecture (Laravel)


The details below can be used to login to the demo:
Demo Link: Online Demo Here
To login as Admin:

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Email: admin@admin.com
Password: 123456

Click on this link to see an how it works on a client website:

Installation/Updates/Support Service

In you need support in installing Affiliate Manager and integrating on client websites. Do get in touch. Please kindly ensure that this meets your requirement before buying as only Envato can provide refund if you later change your mind. Also we are working on providing updates on this and will always be available to answer your question. Also note that timezone difference will mean there will be delay in response for about 12 – 18 Hours. Thank you for your patronage


Version 1.1.0 – 2015-12-01

- Fixed sending activation emails
-Added instruction for intergrating with Woocommerce
-Update UI Design

Version 1.0.1 – 2015-09-29

- Fixed error in installation

Version 1.0.0 – 2015-07-31

- Initial Release

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