BookMyCab – Start you own online cab business Uber/Ola/Careem Clone – Android

BookMyCab - Start you own online cab business Uber/Ola/Careem Clone - Android

Best way to start your own Online  Cab booking Business like Uber/Ola/ Careem.

Its fast secure with tons of features. Laravel is used in the backend to make app fast with Redis and optimised Node.js it can handle 100K Online users once.
Native Android APP for User and Driver made in Android studio easy to reskin.

Please Read This Before Purchasing – BookMyCab Android APP

No Refund once item is downloaded | What is Extended License

  • An easy to understand and step by step documentation is provided.
  • You will need ROOT access of your server in order to run this app. 
  • Working Google maps API key is required to run this app.
  • Support is provided by Email for critical issues and bugs
  • Comments are just for pre-sale and suggestion

We Offer Custom APP and Customisations send us a message on Envato profile

Driver Features

  • Signup with Facebook Google Phone or Email
  • Upload Documents 
  • Add/Change Cars 
  • Change Online/Offline Status
  • Accept Reject Bookings
  • Accept Booking
  • Send User Message 
  • Call Use from the app
  • Arived/Picked when reached to user
  • In App navigation during the trip
  • Edit Profile
  • Share ETA with User
  • Check past booking
  • See upcoming rides
  • Check Total Earning
  • Can rate user after a trip
  • and lot more….
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User APP Features 

  • Create an account with Facebook/Google/Email
  • Verify OTP using Account Kit
  • Edit / Update Profile
  • Rest Profile with the phone number
  • Change Email 
  • Auto Fetch Users Location
  • Pin Location in strange places
  • Search for places to go
  • Add money using credit/debit card
  • Use Promo Code
  • Pay with cash or card
  • Search for Nearby Diver
  • Choose Car type
  • Check rates before booking
  • ETA for with car types
  • Can schedule rides for late
  • Book cab for a ride now
  • Call/message Driver
  • See car number and driver name
  • Driver distance and arrival ETA
  • The driver arrived/Picked Up notifications
  • SMS Notification for Ride later
  • Share Location with friends
  • Share ETA with friends
  • Can Rate Driver with Comment
  • and lot more features…

Admin Features

  • Can set up social logins
  • Enable card payments 
  • Allow drivers to use web version
  • Allow User to book from website
  • Add Drivers
  • Add Users
  • Book ride for guest without app
  • Add Dispatcher
  • Monitor Rides
  • Track Current Ride Location
  • and 100 more features 


LAMP or any Control Panel
SSH access to run 2 commands
Little knowledge of Android Studio

You can check live demo of Admin Panel 

Login: admin@demo.com 
Pass: 123456

Android DEMO Apps   : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tT76hkBzXi8dMcNR8rFoF0MXWLTDUVlo (updated v4)  

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Changelog and Updates

V4 – 03/10/2018 (Under Review)

  • Added EMAIL login (user)
  • Added EMAIL signup )user)
  • Fixed Google Login Profile Details
  • Improved app layout
  • Removed Social Login (temporary)
  • Added support for Android 4 to 8.1
  • Fixed cache bugs
  • Updated Backend to V4

V2 – 31-09-2018

  • Fixed Facebook Login in user app
  • Fixed Driver APP crash on logout
  • Fixed Admin Panel Lang
  • Fixed RealTime location in both apps
  • Fixed Recent Rides Details
  • Fixed mark location in user app
  • Added Google Login
  • Added INSTALLER for backend
  • Added PUSHER ( for ios )
  • Added SOS for user app
  • Added Estimated Fair before booking
  • Fixed known bugs in Backend

V1- 13/09/2018

  • Initial release 


Fre pre sale questions and FAQ please read this before purchasing


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