Bright Oak Laravel / PHP Developer Position

Thank you for visiting our job post! Please read carefully below and then follow the steps at the bottom.

Why we’re hiring

We’ve been fortunate over the last several years to find and retain client partnerships across the US, Canada and Switzerland that have allowed us the opportunity to grow dramatically. So this really just boils down to a simple cause and effect — be fiercely committed to producing high quality work and exceptional white glove customer service and voila, you are going to have to hire more people to keep things operating smoothly and live up to high expectations that our loyal clients have.

TLDR: We’re growing and need your help to keep up with the workload.

About Bright Oak

If you go over to our home page you will be able to see the types of services we offer our clients, but I think the biggest thing I want you to take away from that page is our philosophy — that regardless of the problem, there is always a solution. That mindset is what has allowed us to get where we are at today. If you want more to the story, check out this post that I wrote on how we got our name and really how Bright Oak came into existence.

In short, we’re a small young team that loves problem solving and are looking to add a new member to our team to help us better service our client partners. Some other fun facts about us:

  • The average team member at Bright Oak has been here for 3 years
  • The oldest person is 40, and the youngest is 24 making the average age 29
  • We have 3 full-time people in Portland, 3 in California, 1 in Toronto, 1 in Maryland (for now), and 1 in the Ukraine and then a few other part-time folks peppered around the US
  • We have a side project called Pizza for Portland where we go out and buy a bunch of pizza to hand out to the less fortunate around Portland (
  • Not all of us have met each other in the flesh
  • The Portland crew meets up every Friday for lunch/linner
  • We all grew up on AIM (rip)
  • 4 of us have dogs

What you’ll be doing / what’s expected

Working together with the rest of our development team, you’ll have a hand in creating custom web applications in Laravel, developing modern WordPress sites using Roots Sage, and making improvements to existing client websites on a variety of platforms. You need to be comfortable developing locally using Laravel Homestead and utilizing a multiple branch git workflow. While JavaScript is increasing in importance, and we do love Vue.js, the vast majority of your work will be in PHP. You should be comfortable using composer, npm, and webpack to manage dependencies. Familiarity with Laravel’s jobs, queues, events, listeners, and broadcasting systems are not required, but desirable. Most importantly, we need you to be able to learn quickly, follow high-level instructions, ask good questions, and communicate well.

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Compensation & Payment Details

We will work with you to figure out what type of benefits you want / need, and then based off that — figure out what makes the most sense for your salary. Here are some things to know:

  • Your salary will range between $50k and $65k per year
  • This is a full time & long term remote position (W2 not 1099 / freelance)
  • You should be living in or around Portland, OR
  • Depending on what you want / don’t want, we work with you on developing your own benefits package that can include variations of the following: medical, dental, vision, 401k, internet, phone, gym memberships, massage, acupuncture, and more. All of us are in different stages of our lives and want different things, so we tailor our benefits package to you!
  • There are commission opportunities for helping bring in new business
  • Payroll is run on the 15th & 30th via direct deposit

How to apply

This is going to be a pretty straightforward process 🙂

  1. Email [email protected] and CC [email protected] with the subject line of “Bright Oak PHP Position”
  2. Send links to git repos for 2-3 projects you’re proud of (read-only access for a private repo is perfectly fine)
  3. In just a few sentences, tell us what your favorite code editor is and why
  4. Send us a link to an article or video that highlights something interesting you’ve learned recently. For example, a video on Laracasts or an article explaining how to do something you’ve needed to do or were just curious about. Be sure to provide us a little context
  5. Either tell us your favorite sports team or favorite type of pizza
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Q: I don’t live in Portland, but I am still interested, can I still apply?
A: Sure. But we are really trying to build out our Portland team so if you have no desire to relocate in the future, please do not apply.

Q: When will I start working?
A: Very soon. We are looking to make a final decision by the end of the month if not sooner.

Q: What if I don’t like sports or pizza?
A: I meannnn… I am not saying that’s a deal breaker, but come on… who doesn’t love pizza??

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