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Building a Search Engine Optimized App with Vue.js

Vue.js example: a quick, SEO-friendly e-commerce app

In a rush? Skip to GitHub repo & live demo.

Go through this tutorial to see how to build a small e-commerce app using Vue 2.0 & Snipcart, the HTML/JS cart. platform for devs.

When set up right, a Vue app can drive good SEO results.

Pre-requisites you must have:

  • Minimal knowledge of Vue.js
  • Basic understanding of vuex & vue-router.
  • A Snipcart account (forever free in Test mode).

The tutorial steps are:

  1. Setting up the environment
  2. Assembling the architecture
  3. Building the store
  4. Building the router
  5. Linking everything together
  6. Crafting the Vue components
  7. Creating the app
  8. Handling Vue.js SEO with the Prerender plugin

Code snippets, examples & live demo included.

If you feel like getting inspired first, check out the Vue.js Awesome list, which curates loads of Vue examples & projects.

You can find the tutorial here.

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