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Company description

We’re moving to a new UI, using VueJS and a REST-Based API built in PHP.
We’re looking for an experienced, contract, full-stack developer. Skillset involves:

Front end:



Bulma / CSS

A proficiency in the following would probably help.




command line

We’d love a hand.

Job description

We run walking programs and activity challenges for cities, universities, and companies.

Work with our team and our newly re-designed UI to implement the app in Bulma and VueJS. Our team is building the API and documenting it in Postman. We have a few frontend developers, but need to sprint toward a deadline.

We’re looking for someone with enough experience to be confident in their decisions, test thoroughly, communicate well with the team, and to be their own task master. Someone with some UX common sense and an ability to envision the user’s journey in the site would be a huge plus. We appreciate working with people who are self-driven and motivated by the desire to do good work.

If you’re in Portland, Oregon — great! We have a lovely new office and would love to have you in.

If not, let’s chat. We’d appreciate it if you weren’t too many hours off from our timezone (Pacific).

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Thanks for your interest!

How to apply

Most important:

We want to know who you are. What you’re about. Tell us anything. We want to know you communicate well, that you’re driven to do great work, and that you have some experience.


Send us along your hourly rate as well. Thanks.

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