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Company description

Meet the Team!

Justin Antonipillai is the CEO of WireWheel. Before founding WireWheel, Justin most recently served as Acting Under Secretary for Economic Affairs at the US Department of Commerce, and in that capacity, Justin led a number of high-priority international efforts around privacy and security. From 2013 until 2016, Justin led the U.S. Negotiating Team in reaching the E.U.-U.S. Privacy Shield with Europe. Justin was awarded the National Intelligence Medallion by Director James Clapper in 2016.

A lifetime baseball fan, Justin can be seen suffering every summer as his beloved Angels and Nationals collapse in the standings.

Chris Getner is the CTO of WireWheel and has deep experience in starting and leading development teams. Before WireWheel, Chris co-founded and served as CTO to Aaxis Technologies – a data discovery company that later sold to Huron Consulting. Chris has established himself as an industry leader in applying machine learning and advanced analytics in the legal, regulatory, and other markets. Chris started his career with NASA in the Space Shuttle program, and was recognized for his work on the Challenger accident investigation.

This of course actually makes Chris a “rocket scientist,” although that does not help much here at WireWheel.

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Amol Deshpande is the Chief Scientist at WireWheel and a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Maryland, with a joint appointment in the University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS). Amol’s focus includes graph databases, big data analytics, collaborative data science platforms, data management for IoT, and query processing. He has written over 60 research publications, and has received best paper awards at the VLDB 2004, EWSN 2008, and VLDB 2009 conferences.

JJ Johnson is the Lead Engineer at WireWheel and has eighteen years experience in the field. Specializing in node.js and devops, he has lead several high profile projects including the development of the frontend of, several of National Geographic’s websites, and most recently transforming the primary cybersecurity product at Booz Allen Hamilton. Amazingly, JJ has yet to suffer from javascript fatigue.

JJ is a serious nehongophile who dreams of the day where he can escape back to the wonders of Japan for the rest of his life.

Job description

const developerType = [‘frontend’, ‘full’];

const background = [‘vu2’, ‘node.js’, ‘express’, ‘feathersjs’];

WireWheel is looking for ${developerType} with experience in ${background} to help us tackle the critical area of data privacy and data protection.

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As the use, collection, and sharing of personal data has grown, so has the need for companies to show that they are doing the right thing with customer information, and to demonstrate that they are complying with laws like the new European General Data Protection regulation (coming in May 2018).

WireWheel has the team, investors, customers and product to tackle these data privacy and data protection challenges. WireWheel was founded by a combined team with deep policy and database experience – including the former lead US Negotiator on Data Privacy and Data Protection issues, along with a leading US expert on database systems. Backed by investors that include New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and PSP Capital (PSP), WireWheel has built a new SaaS platform –its Data Privacy Management (“DPM”) Platform – to tackle these issues as a service, and the Company has early Fortune 500 customers on board. We are applying advanced machine learning and data analytics to a serious challenge for today’s data-driven enterprises.

Position Description

We have an open, team-focused environment, and are looking for engineers who want to tackle very tough issues for companies of all sizes.

For this Front-End/Full Stack position, we are looking for members who have experience with Vue2, and developers with experience with other modern frameworks, like React or Meteor, could also easily integrate into our team. Our ideal candidate also would have strong familiarity with Node.js (6+).

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As we consider candidates, we are also looking for background/experience in the following areas:

  • Experience with bootstrap or materialize.
  • Strong node.js skills. Experience with Express or feathers is a major plus.
  • Strong familiarity with Git, versioning and merging is also a must.
  • Experience with distributed web components
  • Comfortable with unit and integration testing and developing test cases
  • Working knowledge of interacting with APIs. Even better if you can create them!

How to appply

When applying, please provide the link to your public github account.

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