Full Stack PHP Developer (Laravel, VueJS) (CALL LOOP) Delray Beach, FL

We’re a Delray Beach, FL-based early-stage tech company that’s changing the way businesses do text messaging, lead generation, and communication with mobile messaging. With a growing team that works closely together, we move fast and enjoy what we do.

If your dream is to have an opportunity to build a brand new scalable software from the ground up to help tens of thousands and reach millions of people around the world, I’ve got good news for you… we’re hiring a full-stack developer at Call Loop.

First, a quick introduction.

My name is Chris Brisson, and I’m the CEO of Call Loop. Call Loop, is a fast growing mobile messaging software company that helps small and medium sized businesses grow their businesses with text and voice messaging.

Companies like CareerBuilder, Nestle, Nike, Omaha Steaks, Seattle Seahawks, Success Magazine, Tony Robbins, and even the Wolf of Wall Street use Call Loop to capture leads and grow their businesses with mobile marketing.

We originally launched our company in May 2011 and have recently celebrated our six year anniversary. We’re a profitable and fast growing company looking for a rock-solid developer to help us create the next version of Call Loop.

So what’s the position?

You will be both an architect and a builder of our entire foundation for Call Loop 3.0 Today, we help over 45,000 users and customers, your mission will be to architect, design, and create and implement scalable infrastructure for our new platform.

  • First, as the architect of our scalable foundation, you’d start off by working with out team to design a scalable infrastructure based on the current needs and features of our current platform. You’ll work with me and our development team to build the foundation of the next generation software.
  • Then, as a builder, you’d execute on the plan. You’ll start by building the software using Laravel, VueJS, and other scalable systems to build our first MVP. More than a developer, you’ll be accountable for documenting and creating unix-tests to ensure the code you write is solid and scalable.
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What you’ve done:

You have a unique combination of skills, talents, and mindset, including:

  • At least 5 years of full-time experience in HTML5/CSS, PHP, JS
  • A deep knowledge of Laravel PHP, plain-vanilla JavaScript, and a solid sense for user interface
  • Experience with modern unit testing practices
  • An ability to both understand and design and complex architectures that scale
  • Experience with one or more of the following is a huge plus: VueJS, AWS, Twitter Flight

Who we are looking for exactly?

  • First, you are the type of person who has integrity at your core and… your word is everything. You work fast and smart. You’re goal oriented and have impeccable written communication.
  • You’re an adept problem solver. While others might shy away from the hard work of digging into something unknown and messy, you aren’t afraid to play detective. You eagerly dive into every nook and cranny to figure out what is working, what isn’t, and why. In fact, you’re driven by the thrill of “cracking the nut” and will hustle your way to a solution, one way or another.
  • You’re a teacher at heart. You love being helpful to others. Lending a hand to someone who didn’t expect it makes your day. People say you’re one of the most humble people they’ve known. You believe you never have all the answers, and you go out of your way to be forthright, earnest, and compassionate toward everyone you meet.
  • You’re results focused. You’re the type of person that sets a goal, achieves it, and looks surpass it. You’re actions speak louder than words and that’s how you and others measure and know you by.
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Send your resume and the information.

  1. Brief cover letter that explains Why You’re Qualified For This Role.
  2. Tell me a little bit about yourself, share your personal story, and include any relevant writing samples. (For example, it’d be great if you shared any “wow” emails you’ve written to potential customers peaking their interest or answering an objection).
  3. Share a 30-second video of yourself on your sales experience. (optional: extra points)
  4. What do you see as the biggest challenge for you in this role?

    This is a unique opportunity to shape a company from the first floor and up, and to help solve a significant problem. If you’re the right person for it, I’d be honored if we got to tackle it together.

This position is not for everyone and not for someone that lacks integrity and focus. It is for someone who wants a challenge and can add immense value to our team.

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