Laravel 5.5.5 Released With a New Route Fallback to Help Customize Your 404 Views

updated: September 20, 2017

Laravel v5.5.5, was released September 19th and now includes a neat Route::fallback() method to help customize 404 views:

Another standout feature added is the @includeFirst blade directive. Now the following logic:


Can be replaced with:

@includeFirst(['custom-template', 'default-template'])

v5.5.5 Changelog


  • Added :input placeholder in validation error messages (#21175)
  • Added @includeFirst Blade directive (#21172)
  • Allow setting column styles for tables in Artisan commands (#21169)
  • Added ValidatesRequests::extractInputFromRules() method (#21192)
  • Added -m shortcut to make:factory (#21219)
  • Added ability to set a fallback (catch-all) route (#21234)


  • Support null on Model::UPDATED_AT (#21178)
  • Render views from config while building error views (#21145)
  • Use multibyte functions in some Str methods (#21207)
  • Perform stable sort in Collection::sortBy() (#21214)


  • Ignore SELECT bindings in prepareBindingsForUpdate() (#21173)
  • Fixed remember check in AuthenticatesUsers::attemptLogin() (#21221)
  • Added “hardware” as an uncountable word (#21236)

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