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About Clearstream

Clearstream provides an SMS communication tool for churches, non-profits and businesses. We’re based in NYC, but are looking for a remote backend developer.

Our Goal

We’re currently a small team, with just two developers. Our goal is to increase the speed that we roll out new features.

The Job

You will work directly under our Senior Developer. Your responsibilities will include discussing, planning and developing new features, in conjunction with the Senior Developer.

The position can be full-time or part-time (at least 25 hours/week), depending on your availability. Our goal is to hire the right person, and we’re flexible.

Our technology stack is: Laravel 5.4 / MySQL / Redis / Beanstalk / Vue 2 / Bootstrap 3


  • Extensive knowledge of Laravel (2+ years experience)
    • Familiarity with Queues/Jobs is essential
    • Soft spot in your heart for Jeffrey Way
  • Experience with MySQL / MariaDB
    • We have a large database, so knowledge concerning database scaling issues is helpful
  • Ability to write clean code with great documentation, as well as tests
  • Comfortable designing and consuming APIs
  • Comfortable using Git
  • Vue 2 experience (optional)
    • If you’re comfortable and want to do some frontend work, we can make that happen.


Please first spend a few minutes looking through our website to get an idea of what we’re about. Then, send an email to with your resume, and any questions you have. Including examples of your past work (with code) would be appreciated.

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