Online Shopping Stock

Online Shopping Stock

Easy way to record every selling or sold products and stock products online


  • Interactive dashboard

  • Category wise products

  • Search products easily by monthly or yearly or by date

  • An Overview of Daily Sells

  • Modify Site Configuration

  • Manage User by Site Administrator

  • Configure Mail Server

  • Simple and user friendly

  • Build with the modern Laravel Framework

A shop manager needs to record their daily product sells information and also how many product have been sold today. This application records everything that has been sold and you can search this selling history by searching from date to date and get a clear view of selling history.


  • Apache web-server

  • Laravel framework requires PHP >= 5.6

  • OpenSSL PHP extension

  • PDO PHP extension

  • Mbstring PHP extension

  • Tokenizer PHP extension

  • XML PHP extension

  • Fileinfo PHP extension


Username : admin@admin.com

Password: 123456

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