Practi Cal (Laravel 5.3 Edition)

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Practi Cal (Laravel 5.3 Edition)



Change Log

9 January 2017
- Upgraded platform to Laravel 5.3
- Improved rich text editor (to allow quotes)
- Improved calendar controller: auto increment
11 September 2016
- Various UI refinements: Improved "mobile first" UI
15 April 2016
- Added Google Places to admin view 
- Added interactive Google map to event location field (public view)
- Upgraded framework to Laravel 5.2
- Upgraded Bootstrap to 3.3.6
- Added rich text editors for long description fields (text styles, hyperlinks, etc.)
- Admin can create/edit an unlimited number calendar instances
- Public can filter events by calendar (each calendar has its own URL)
- Admin can edit what each event color means/represents
- Admin can edit external link (connect anywhere) without editing core code
- One event can now be associated with unlimited calendars
- Corrected Bootstrap modal glitch. All remote data is pre-loaded before modal shows

Future Updates – Comments Are As of 5 January 2017

- Bootstrap 3.3.7
- Planning improved admin section

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