Quantik Project Manager CRM

Quantik Project Manager CRM is the most easiest project management solution you can imagine. Build on latest version of laravel, it provides you an easy access to manage your projects, clients , staffs and tickets. Quantik project management solution comes with a super flexible access control system. Which allows you to define ANY type of access level to any role. With built in bug tracker and brand new concept of project room , every piece of your project conversations, files , notes are now organized in a super simple way.

Login Details( Some features are not available in demo )

User Type: Admin

  • User Name: quantik
  • Password: 12345

User Type: Client

  • User Name: selina
  • Password: 123456

User Type: Staff

  • User Name: suzon
  • Password: 123456

A number of new features are coming in next release including:

  • Analytical Graph
  • Invoice Generation and invoice mail
  • Paypal and stripe integration
  • Internal Messaging
  • Many More.

Powered by

Laravel 5.2 (php framework)

Bootstrap v.3x (css framework)

AdminLTE Opensource admin panel template

Version 1.0 [02-07-2016]
- Initial Release. 

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