SchoolDir is a complete web based listing solution built with laravel, it can help in listing schools and their information such as courses, news, entry requirement, rating, fees, e.t.c. this directory system can also be used for business listing, hospital listing, e.t.c


  1. Advanced search on front end with Fulltext search algorithm
  2. students dashboard in form of resume
  3. users subscription via Email
  4. System can mail subscribed users
  5. Schools listing
  6. update and delete lists
  7. Listing categories CRUD
  8. Post articles/news of various schools
  9. Articles/News CRUD

Additional Features

  1. Fully responsive. both front end and backend
  2. Built with laravel. making it highly secured and scalable
  3. Well documented and structured code
  4. Clean URLs

Front end URL here
Backend URL here

Demo login details

Email: demo@schooldir.com
password: test123

We will be glad to be in business with you

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