The most popular admin panels built with Laravel with guide of installation of each one

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1- Voyager

What It Is

  • An admin interface for your Laravel app
  • An easy way to add/edit/delete data for your app
  • A menu builder (build menus in Voyager for your app)
  • A media manager for your files
  • CRUD/BREAD generator learn more about BREAD here

Voyager is simply an admin for your Laravel app. Whatever you want your app to do on the front-end is completely up to you. You are in control of your application and you can use Voyager to make your life easier by adding data, editing users, creating menus, and many other administrative tasks.

Installation method

After creating your new Laravel application you can include the Voyager package with the following command:

$ composer require tcg/voyager

Next add the database access in your .env file and also add your application URL in the APP_URL variable:


And finally all what you need is to install voyager:

php artisan voyager:install

If you wish to install voyager with some test data

php artisan voyager:install --with-dummy
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