The most popular admin panels built with Laravel with guide of installation of each one

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2 – Backpack


Backpack\Base imports the latest version of the free AdminLTE theme, which is more than enough for most admin panels or backoffices.

It also includes:

  • a great layout for your admin pages
  • login/register/forgot-password views
  • bubble notifications for flashdata and js
  • a blank dashboard view
  • error views for most common errors
  • 44+ field types
  • 1-n relationships
  • n-n relationships
  • Datatables integration (standard or AJAX)
  • File browser (using elFinder)
  • Reordering (nested sortable)
  • Details row (click to expand table row)
  • Back-end validation using Form Requests

Installation steps

After setuping your laravel project you need first to install Backpack/Base who contain only the layout, login system and the dashboard view

composer require backpack/base

php artisan backpack:base:install

And now you need to install the Backpack/CRUD

composer require backpack/crud
php artisan backpack:crud:install

And done now you can use this awesome package, and here is a list of plugins that you can add to Backpack

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