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AWESOME VueJs Packages TOP, to speed up your development

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Empowering your websites and apps

Build responsive websites, PWAs, hybrid mobile Apps (that look native!) and Electron apps, all simultaneously using same codebase, powered with Vue.

 Demo: [ Material theme ] [ iOS theme ]

  • All Platforms in One Go

One source code for all platforms simultaneously: responsive desktop/mobile website, native mobile Apps (that really look native!).

  • Quasar Play App

Develop Quasar Apps with Hot Reload directly on your phone, without even installing them.

  • VueJs & ES6

ES6 Javascript. Leverage VueJs & NPM ecosystem easily. Support for *.vue single file components.

  • Boilerplate

Out of the box App code boilerplate, build system, hot reload, linter, test setup, auto minification and more.

  • Built-in Components

Endless list of components which do most of the heavy-lifting: Drawer, Action Sheet, Dialog, Modal, Toast, Tabs, Toolbar, Card, Lists, Toggle, Chips Textbox, Datetime, Range, Rating, Knob, Collapsibles, Popovers, Pull to Refresh, Infinite Scroll, Parallax, Grid, Slider, Stepper, Tree, Chat, Timeline…

  • Themes

Full-featured Quasar CSS Framework. Material Designand iOS themes (for now). Write once, deploy as looking native.

  • Speed & Efficiency

Quasar focuses on low memory footprint, efficiency and making Apps run really fast.

  • Wide Platform Support

iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Google Chrome, Firefox, IE11/Edge, Safari, Opera.

  • Dev Hot Reload

More than just Live Reload. Preserve App state while updating in the browser or phone/tablet (through Quasar Play).

  • Great Documentation

Crystal clear documentation with examples, guides, tips and demos with source code available.


Head on to the Quasar Framework official website:

Stay in Touch

For latest releases and announcements, follow on Twitter: @quasarframework

Community Forum

Head on to the official community forum:

Quasar Repositories

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