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4- /Vee-Validate

Simple Vue.js input validation plugin

vee-validate is a plugin for Vue.js that allows you to validate input fields and display errors.

You don’t have to do anything fancy in your app — most of the work goes into the html. You only need to specify for each input what kind of validators should be used when the value changes. The errors will be automatically generated. The plugin offers many validations out of the box.

Although most of the validations occur automatically, you can use the validator however you see fit. The validator object has no dependencies and is a standalone object. This plugin is built with localization in mind. Read the docs for more info.

This plugin is inspired by PHP Framework Laravel’s validation.


Read the documentation and demos.


This library uses ES6 Promises so be sure to provide a polyfill for it for the browsers that do not support it.

Tutorials and Examples

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