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Typewriter-style Typing Animation For Vue.js


Just another Vue.js component to emulate the typing animation just like the typewriter.


Import the component.

import Vue from 'vue'
import Typewriter from 'vue-typewriter'

The basic usage.

  Vue Typewriter is
new Vue({el: '#root'});

Default props.

words: {
  type: Array,
  default () {
    return []
interval: {
  type: Number,
  default: 200
speed: {
  type: Number,
  default: 300
cursor: {
  type: Boolean,
  default: true
cursorSymbol: {
  type: String,
  default: ""'
fullErase: {
  type: Boolean,
  default: false


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Author: eduardostuart

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Last Update: November 23, 2017

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