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Vue.js 2.x animated button component


A simple button that displays progress. Compatible with Vue 2.x


$ npm install vue-progress-button --save


Inside your component:

To get the most basic version of a progress button


The progress can be configured with another filling color. Simply add the fill-color property to the progress button element and give a color to it.

<progress-button name="fillColor" class="btn btn-primary mr-1 mb-1" fill-color="#fff">Other fill color</progress-button>

The progress also be modified in terms of duration of the progress, position of the progress line

<progress-button name="duration" class="btn btn-info mr-1 mb-1" :duration="10000">10 second animation</progress-button>
<progress-button name="bottom" class="btn btn-success mr-1 mb-1" :height="5" position="bottom">Bottom fill</progress-button>
<progress-button name="bottom" class="btn btn-warning mr-1 mb-1" :height="5" position="top">Top fill</progress-button>
import Button from 'vue-progress-button'

export default {
  components: {
    'progress-button': Button

Configuration options

fillColorString‘#555’The color of the progress bar filling the button
durationNumber2000The duration of the progress bar filling the entire button in milliseconds
heightNumber100The height of the progress bar in px
positionString‘fill’The position of the progress bar in the button, currently possible: top, bottom. Defaults to fill that fills the entire button


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