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Vue.js Component for Flatpickr Datetime Picker


This is a Vue.js component for the Faltpickr DateTime picker.


  • Reactive v-model value
    • You can change flatpickr value programmatically
  • Reactive config options
    • You can change config options dynamically
    • Component will watch for any changes and redraw itself
    • You are suggested to modify config via Vue.set
  • Emits all possible events
  • Compatible with Bootstrap, Bulma or any other CSS framework
  • Supports wrapped mode
    • Just set wrap:true in config and component will take care of all
  • Play nice with vee-validate validation library


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Author: ankurk91

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Last Update: January 3, 2018

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# Yarn
$ yarn add vue-flatpickr-component

$ npm install vue-flatpickr-component --save

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