VueJS Laravel Admin Template

VueJS Laravel Admin Template

Here we present VueJS Laravel Admin Template for ThemeForest Community
Embracing all latest technogies, its built with Vuejs2, Laravel 5.4 and Bootstrap 4.

Whats more! We added almost every component you will ever need when developing a VueJS based admin template….so what are you waiting for? Simply download and starting bootstrapping your next big dashboard

Salient Features

  • Fully based on VueJS
  • We put lot of eff
  • No jQuery used
  • 7 layouts options provided
  • Multiple breadcrumb designs
  • Multiple color schemes added
  • example API usage with weather available


Version: 3.1 – 10-apr-2018

1. Added experimental charts UI.
2. Added new trend and bar charts.

Version: 3.0 – 12-feb-2018

Updated bootstrap version to 4.0.0.
Updated bootstrap-vue version to 2.0.0-rc.1.
Changed chat UI.
Fixed bugs.

Version: 2.0 – 25-Dec-2017
Build system Improvements

  • Now all compiled files are placed in a single directory for easier deployments
  • Added webpack aliases for easier file and asset referencing
  • Moved all pages to a separate directory
  • Moved the router code to a separate file
  • Added mix.extract() to handle vendor code duplication and long term caching
  • Added Autoprefixer

Template Improvements

  • Added a New Preloader
  • Added Vue-Analytics for Google Analytics Support
  • Added chat page
  • Added Frappe charts page
  • Bug Fixes

Version: 1.6 – 25-nov-2017

Added compact menu layout
in our quest to improve UI, changed left menu icons

Version: 1.5 – 11-nov-2017

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Added starter kit with documentation on how to add files from full package to starter kit

Version: 1.4 – 10-nov-2017

1.Changed icons Themify to Font-awesome icons.
2.Added one Cart details page in E-commerce section.

Version: 1.3 – 20-oct-2017

  • Updated vue, vue-router, vuex, vue-multiselect
  • Fix error caused by the vue deprication of slot scope prop
  • Improved the E-Commerce section with new components

Version: 1.2 – 03-oct-2017

Improved dashboard UI.

Version: 1.1 – 22-sep-2017

1. Added E-Commerce Section.
    a. Dashboard added
    b. Add new products page added
    c. View product page added
2. Overall color scheme changed.
3. Revamped left menu.
4. Two Dashboard colors and skin color changed.
5. Sub Menu style changed.

Version: 1.0.1 – 02-sep-2017

1.Changed font-family Nunito to Open-Sans.
2.Changed two dashboard colors and  skin color.
3.Changed style for sub menu(left panel).
4.Changed font awesome icons to themify icons.
5.Added some new charts in Chartist-chart.
6.Changed colors for all charts.
7.Added API to the menu-item(left panel)
8.Changed user section part(user profile)

Note: Images provided in demo are not included in final zip folder, they are only for representation purposes

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