2 hours ago

    Mobile-first Carousel Component For Vue

    Description: A basic, mobile-first, touch-friendly carousel/swiper component for Vue.js. Usage: <carousel :proportion="16/9" pagination-type="fraction" @change="change"> <carousel-item>Carousel…
    4 hours ago

    Modal library available for Vue.js.

    SweetModal Sweet, easy and good looking modals, similar to sweetalert, but made for Vue.js (jQuery…
    10 hours ago

    Installing PHP 7.2 – Freek Van der Herten’s blog on PHP and Laravel

    Want to add comments to your Statamic powered site? Try out Meerkat: a beautiful, full-featured…
    12 hours ago

    Preview and Download fonts for developers with Fonts4dev powered by Vue.js

    fonts4dev Fonts4Dev is a very simple place where you can choose a primary font, pick…