Best Laravel Books of All Time

Learning Laravel can be tricky without a self-made curriculum of tutorials. But there are books that teach Laravel in great detail including beginner and advanced subjects.

Laravel is a powerful open-source PHP framework designed to create the full-featured web application in a simple and elegant way. It is robust and easy to learn framework which follows MVC design pattern, the de facto standard of setting up web applications. You just need to be familiar with PHP basics to learn Laravel effectively. Laravel is a secure framework and prevents your website from several web attacks.

Laravel was initially released in June 2011 to provide a more advanced alternative to the CodeIgniter framework. Laravel has clean routing, Object Relational Mapping (ORM), decent queue library, and ease of authentication etc.

As Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks, every developer is looking to upskill themselves with Laravel.In this post,we will cover  the absolute best Laravel books for teaching yourself the laravel framework from scratch.

1-Laravel Up & Running: A Framework for Building Modern PHP Apps

Matt Stauffer, a leading teacher and developer in the Laravel community, delivers a high-level overview and concrete examples to help experienced PHP web developers get started with this framework right away. This updated edition also covers Laravel Dusk and Horizon and provides information about community resources and other noncore Laravel packages.

2-Full-Stack Vue.js 2 and Laravel 5 Bring the frontend and backend together with Vue, Vuex, and Laravel:

This book targets developers who are new to Vue.js, Laravel, or both, and are seeking a practical, best-practice approach to development with these technologies.
They must have some knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Table of Contents:
Hello Vue: An Introduction To Vue.js.
Prototyping Vuebnb, Your First Vue.js Project.
Hello Laravel: Getting Started With Laravel.
Building A Web Service With Laravel.
Integrating Laravel And Vue.js With Webpack.
Composing Widgets With Vue.js Components.
Building A Multi-Page App With Vue.
Managing Your Application State With Vuex.
Adding A User Login & API Authentication With Passport.
Deploying A Full-Stack App To The Cloud.

3-Learning Laravel's Eloquent

This book is perfect for developers with some basic knowledge of PHP development, but are new to the Eloquent ORM. However, developers with previous Laravel and Eloquent experience will also benefit from the in-depth analysis of specific classes and methodologies in the book.
What You Will Learn:
Configure a new Laravel project and set up database connections in minutes
Build and work with models to handle your data with an expressive syntax
Define relations between your models to create complex functionalities
Query your database using relations simply
Use collections to gather results and perform many operations on them with a powerful data structure
Use the Eloquent ORM without Laravel
Control your models during the request lifecycle with event listeners and observers In Detail

4-Laravel Reference Guide

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate-level web developer, this book will give you a perfect understanding of the Laravel framework and empower you to build any kind of application with ease and freedom
What You Will Learn:
Use blade templates to customize multiple layouts for the front and back ends
Design middleware and use it to filter incoming requests
Create a permission-based ACL from scratch using middleware
Validate incoming requests for validation services using the Form Request class
Utilize the fluent query builder with accessor and mutator methods, including query scopes
Perform CRUD operations using controllers such as the RESTful resource controller
Use the repository pattern in Detail

5-Hands-On Full-Stack Web Development with Angular 6 and Laravel 5

This book gives you practical knowledge of building modern full-stack web apps from scratch using Angular with a Laravel back end.The book begins with a thorough introduction to Laravel and Angular and its core concepts like errors and logging, components, routers, and Angular-cli, with each concept being explained first, and then put into practice in the case-study project.
You will learn how to create secure web application with Angular and Laravel framework. Finally, you will learn all about progressive web applications and build and deploy a complete fullstack application on cloud and learn how to optimize it using browser cache and static assets.
By the end of this book, you'll gain a solid understanding of Angular 6 and how it interacts with a Laravel 5.x backend.

6-Laravel Companion

Book Cover of Johnathon Koster - Laravel Companion: Second Edition

The Laravel framework contains many useful helper functions, features, and utility classes (such as Collections); some of these features are easily overlooked or taken for granted. This book exposes these utilities to encourage accelerated application development using the Laravel framework. With The Laravel Companion, you will learn about external API integration, collections, request management, and much, much more.

7-Laravel Documentation 5.8 Part-1

Laravel is a powerful MVC PHP framework, designed for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications. Laravel was created by Taylor Otwell. This is a best tutorial that explains the basics of Laravel framework.Build your Free Ecommerce website, Mobile app, Marketplaces, Dropship solutions or POS using Laravel Ecommerce platform Bagisto.Laravel is a fast-growing framework, and there are a large number of Laravel tutorials through which users can quickly learn.

8-Beginning Laravel

This book covers everything you need to get started in application development with Laravel 5.3. Beginning Laravel covers features such as method injection, contracts, and authentication. After reading this book, you can develop any application using Laravel 5. It details all you need to know, including the model-view-controller pattern, SQLite databases, routing, authorization, and building CRUD applications.


These eight books should offer enough Laravel content to take you from a complete novice to a competent Laravel developer. You can learn everything from basic installation to final deployment and everything inbetween.

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