How to write documentation for your Laravel app

Write gorgeous documentations for your products using Markdown inside your Laravel app

LaRecipe is simply a code driven package provides an easy way to create beautiful documentation like this for your product or application inside your Laravel app. However, the usage of LaRecipe is not limited to creating documentation only.



  •  Markdown Support
  •  UI Vue Component
  •  Algolia and Internal Search
  •  Forum Support
  •  SEO Support
  •  Google Analytics
  •  Caching
  •  Versioning Support
  •  Authentication
  •  Authorization
  •  Artisan Commands
  •  Keyboard Shortcuts
  •  Responsive UI


  • Zino - Custom Arduino library made for humans.
  • Blogged - Blogged is a package provides an easy way to create beautiful blog inside your Laravel projects.
  • Wave - Wave is the perfect starter kit for building your next great idea
  • Inspector - Laravel real-time performance & error alerting
  • Nova ADC - Nova is a cloud-based (or on-premise) SaaS application delivery controller.



LaRecipe comes with custom Artisan install commands which make the process like a breeze.

Install via composer

composer require binarytorch/larecipe


Then, run the install command to publish the needed assets and configurations.

php artisan larecipe:install


If you are installing with Laravel v5.4 you will need to add the Service Provider manually. Otherwise, if you are on v5.5 and above this happens automatically.


Visit your app domain with /docs endpoint. That's it.


Hope that you like this post , for more about LaRecipe package check the full documentation .


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