Best hosting providers for Laravel applications

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The leading web application development framework of the world is LARAVEL. This is now the most used web framework for the php built websites or web application. This web framework uses the Model-View-Controller method or the MVC method to build an efficient, fast and buttery smooth web services. But when the question arises to deploy your laravel web application on the server, most of us facing a problem that all web servers, known as best hosting providers will not support to host your laravel built website or web application. So in this article we will be going to take a look on top 5 hosting service providers those are dedicated to provide a good and timeless service to host your web application.
best hosting providers for laravel built application:


Contabo GmbH :


The one of the best hosting providers till now. We are also using this best web host server Contabo GmbH for our own projects also. This host provider has won the GERMAN DATA CENTER AWARD 2017 for providing best web hosting to the customers. This is the best host provider with standard quality service for a moderate level cost. You can take shared hosting for $3 per month with 50GB disk space and unlimited bandwidth. There are also some other packages with lots of offers and service those are cost up to $11.05 per month. Contabo GmbH provide dedicated server and dedicated hosting, vps and ssd hosting also with reasonable price and best service. You can use the following links to know more details about this best hosting provider for laravel.

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  1. I am surprised Cloudways is not mentioned here. It is a great tool for deploying your Laravel app on an infrastructure without having manually setup the server or stack. You can launch a server in few minutes. The server will already have OS, stack, Laravel and necessary workflow tools already installed.

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